Simeon Solomon Memorial Installed

As you will have read in my recent blog I was awarded the commission to design and carve the new memorial for Simeon Solomon by Leeds University. Well the memorial is now finished for all to see

Simeon Solomon was an obscure Victorian artist a Pre-Raphaelite painter born in 1840. I first came upon Simeon Solomon when I was preparing a talk on the rarity of Jewish artists throughout history. On researching his work further, my mind was blown by the breadth of his talent and how different it was from the one piece of work he is most known by.

Simeon is certainly one of our most significant Jewish artists, so his memory deserves honouring:

On honoring the dead, a Chabad site says the following: “Care for the grave site:  Make sure it does not become overgrown with weeds or fall into disrepair.” I believe the Jewish community as whole ought to perform this mitzvah to mark the grave of one of our major Jewish painter.

It is with great pride that I have been able to work on this memorial, and to be able to create a new monument to restore the dignity of this great artist. You can see the newly installed memorial at the Willesden Jewish Cemetery in the London borough of Brent, but do take a look at the gallery below.

Leading quite a colourful life, Simeon was arrested, addicted to alcohol and he lived both in and out of poverty, but nevertheless he was admired by Rhymers’ Club poets Lionel Johnson and Ernest  Dowson, and was he was befriended by the eccentric poet and Baltic/German aristocrat Count Stenbock. (you can read more about the artist on this website)

There has been a lot of interest in Simeon over the past few years and fundraising activity has taken place to reinstate Simeon Solomon’s gravesite at Willesden Jewish Cemetery. So it is a privilege to be asked to undertake the work for this artist.