Stone Work Restoration

Restoration work underway in Henley On Thames

Work is well underway at the Henley Council offices building as we are cutting out the stonework to be replaced.

Over time the stone work on the council offices has started to feel the effects of the weather and so we are carefully cutting out the  deteriorating Spalling Bath stone ashlar blocks and replacing with new pieces of on bed ashlar blocks which we are fixing into place and then finishing to match the existing stonework.

When completed and all the blocks are fixed in place it will be then pointed in with lime mortar.  The idea of this piece of restoration work is not to match the existing stonework exactly. By replacing the deteriorated stone with a new stone we will ultimately extend the life of the neighbouring stonework, thus lessening the chance of water penetration that will cause a freeze/thaw effect that will speed up the deterioration of the neighbouring stonework.

You can take a look at the work in progress here