• Shaped Memorial

  • Death Mask Memorial

    Death Masks are a remembrance of the likeness of the deceased.  They are intended to give family and friends a memorial of the good times spent with the deceased so that they can remember the life rather than the loss.  Casts can be made of the face in plaster, stone, marble or metal.  It is possible to incorporate cremation ashes into the work.

  • Sarcophagus Lid

    We design and supply sarcophagus lids in a range of materials.  Each one is individually designed.  We also clean and restore existing lids.  This particular lid was hand carved in welsh slate with thistles and berries carved in relief.

  • Memorial Headstone

    This headstone was commissioned as a memorial to a local farmer who had passed way.  The unusual design features a carving of barley stalks made into a circle.

  • Rectangular Headstone

    This is a rectangular headstone in welsh slate.  It is very large and heavy standing out from the other gravestones in the churchyard.  It is blue inscribed lettering.

  • Artist Sarcophagus

    This sarcophagus was commissioned by the University of Leeds as memorial at Willesden Jewish Cemetery for the artist Simeon Solomon.   The original memorial had perished over the decades.

  • Carved Headstone

    This was a memorial commission for a West Berkshire artist.  The headstone was in the form of an artist’s pallet with stone carvings of a brush and daubs of paint.