Memorial Restoration Work

Quite often I am asked to take a look at grave restoration and renovation. Due to the ravages of mother nature, memorials can start looking tired and weathered after they have been insitu for a few years. Our changeable weather in this country doesn’t help the stone, and many get covered in moss or algae that cause the memorial to look unkempt and typically many of the words become difficult to read.

Normally the process is a two fold approach. Always the stone needs cleaning, debris removed and we ensure that the correct cleaning methods are used depending on the stone that we are working with. The next step (although we don’t always need to apply this one) is the re-lettering. If the words have become obscured it is sometimes necessary for us to re-carve the letters so that the piece can come back to life again.

We have just finished a restoration project for a majors sarcophagus, take a look at the before and after pictures and you’ll see how well the finished item looks.