• Pre Paid Plan for memorials

    Stone Art are proud to introduce a Pre Paid Plan for memorials and headstones as the cost of funerals are ever increasing we are now offering this service and what makes Stone Art different from the other pre paid plans available is the diversity of memorials you can choose from.  You can be a part of the design, pick your own material decide on hand carved or machine cut, have an individual design created for you the list is endless.

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  • Rustic Slate bolder memorial

    Stone Arts headstones are individually designed and then shaped and hand carved into the best quality materials available.
    Every headstone is tailored to reflect the individual they are commemorating, from simple layouts to more elaborate designs – almost any design is possible.
    We will work closely with you through all stages of the design and carving process ensuring that every headstone is as unique and individual as the person it represents.

    Rustic slate bolder

  • Hand crafted pet memorial

    Pet memorial
    Elegant handcrafted Welsh slate pet memorials made to order and designed specifically to the needs of the client.
  • Commission for the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust

    Firrhill High School Edinburgh gave me the opportunity to design and carve a plaque in commemoration of the Holocaust it was an honour.

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  • Restoration to stone facade of Phase Eight Store Newbury

    The facade of the former bank required cleaning prior to commencing the repairs to the eroded lime stone.

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