Newbury Stonemason

  • Workshop refurbishment

    As you know a few months ago I moved my workshop just a few hundred metres so that I could get premises with more space for my machinery, so that I can take on jobs with bigger pieces of stone. read more

  • One Hundred and One!

    My most recent piece of work which you can see below was for Petronella Smith, who at the grand old age of 101 is now the oldest person that I have created a hand carved memorial for. Petronella was of Dutch decent so you can see on the slate the carving of “A precious mother and Oma”, Oma meaning grandmother. read more

  • Don’t lose the memory of a loved one, keep them in your hearts with an affordable headstone

    In this climate of financial doom and gloom it might be difficult to fund the purchase of a bespoke memorial stone for your loved ones, however, there are still ways that a consumer can save money when thinking about memorials. Typically most individuals use the funeral director as a ‘project manager’ to bring all the pieces together at a time when distress is high, the use of the funeral director is a fundamental part of laying a loved one to rest and a necessity but the memorial stone can be a considered purchase later on. Therefore there is no obligation to purchase the memorials from them. read more

  • Newest commissions for bespoke memorials

    As a stone mason, I get asked to do such a variety of pieces, and I wanted to share with you just a couple of commissions that I have been working on in the last few weeks. read more

  • You’re fired!

    Well, I was impressed, the work that I do is precision and I am a perfectionist….but the boy did well! read more

  • A new machine for Stone Art Memorials

    As the pieces of stone that I require for my bespoke stone commissions  are getting larger, I have decided to invest in a new piece of machinery that will help me cut large headstones down to size prior to carving. The piece of machinery that I decided upon in the end was the Steinadler (which actually share its name with the Golden Eagle!). It is the perfect bench ideal for small workshops just like mine. read more