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  • You’re fired!

    Well, I was impressed, the work that I do is precision and I am a perfectionist….but the boy did well! read more

  • A new machine for Stone Art Memorials

    As the pieces of stone that I require for my bespoke stone commissions  are getting larger, I have decided to invest in a new piece of machinery that will help me cut large headstones down to size prior to carving. The piece of machinery that I decided upon in the end was the Steinadler (which actually share its name with the Golden Eagle!). It is the perfect bench ideal for small workshops just like mine. read more

  • In search for the right stone

    As all of my pieces are handmade to order, quite often I have to go in search for the perfect piece of stone to be the correct medium for the finished hand carved memorial. This week was a trip to a portland stone quarry in search for the stone which will be used for my latest commission. read more